2 Reasons Why You May Want to Start Driving With Handicap Driving Controls


Although you may think that handicap driving controls are strictly for people who are paraplegics or who otherwise have a very serious disability, you could be mistaken. Handicap driving controls can help many different individuals master the driving experience. The controls are used in place of the traditional gas and brake pedals, but fulfill the same function. Instead of having to drive with your legs and feet, you'll be able to control the vehicle with the gas and brake handles.

29 September 2016

Walk-In Tub Or Roll-In Shower: Which Option Is Best For Your Home?


Creating safe, accessible bathrooms is one of the best ways to make a home more comfortable for the elderly or anyone with a disability. When it comes times to redo the shower or bathtub, there are two main options to consider. These include either a walk-in bathtub, or a barrier-free shower. There are benefits to both, but since most homes lack space for both, a choice between the two needs to be made.

7 January 2016